I'm going to school again these days, currently studying illustration at NKF in Trondheim, Norway. It's plenty to do there, gotta keep on moving at all times, drawing and designing stuff all day (and night). Which in turn means almost no time to read up on CSS, XHTML and PHP. For shame, but such is life. Taking things as they come.

Previously, I worked as a graphic designer and photographer from august 2004 through to november 2005 at Lundblad Media AS, then as a graphic designer at Driv from november 2005 to february 2006 while also freelancing as a photographer (for, amongst others, by:Larm 2006).

Some of my plans for the future includes learning enough PHP (and MySQL) to create a blogging/publishing system, learn 3D design, learn GNU/Linux (and perhaps some BSD) and much, much more!

Meanwhile! You may check out my gallery at deviantArt, and the music I listen to at last.fm. If you want to get in touch, just mail me.

Other than that, I'm hoolahooping on the moon.